Poem : The Dignity of Crooked Teeth

c2018 Judy Eun Kyung Kim

The dignity of crooked teeth

presented in a smile

beautifies nature’s imperfections.

The wild beauty of fangs

reminds us

that we too are animals.

Filing those canines down

in the name of civility,

makes us white washed,

sterilized products

of manipulated image.

Untwisting the wave of growth

with brace shackles,

pulling teeth

into painful submission,

that’s the modern method,

especially in the United States.

We hate our rebellious bodies,

and punish ourselves

with starvation and surgery.

We rip and tear and smear,

sweat and suction and slice,

laser off our pubes,

and bleach our assholes too.

We’ve gone completely insane,

but human nature must be tamed.

Image from pixabay.com

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