Poem : Race and Identity

Image from pixabay.com

You can’t choose your race,

but you can decide your tribe.

Where you heart resides.

Rebirthed, reclaimed self,

The identity you wear

is self-realized.

It’s always you that marks a clue,

To find your own way home.

2 thoughts on “Poem : Race and Identity

  1. This one really struck a chord in me. You’re so right: I can’t choose my race, but I can definitely choose my tribe. I have juggled cultural identities all my life (thanks to moving around so much) and I have always felt like my true tribe is an amalgamation of all the different cultures I have lived in, rather than just the ethnic identity from which I was brought into this world.

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    1. Thanks for your supportive comment Sindhuja Manohar. I immigrated to the US when I was a child, but I still feel part of two cultures, but not quite belonging to either! I feel like my tribe is among fellow writers, artists and activists.

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