Poem : For Karin

Images Tookapic and Pixabay from pexels.com

You were walking home with your friend

when you saw a mother lying naked,

crumbled on the sidewalk,

with her crying daughter huddled

away from the battering husband

who was lurking nearby,

high on cocaine.

He was the one who beat and choked her,

ripped off her clothes in the street

in front of their daughter.

But you stopped for them.

You put your jacket over her, covering her shame.

You held her cut, bleeding face in you lap.

You protected a mother and her 8 yr old daughter.

Bravely waited for the police, firefighters and paramedics,

Who didn’t think to offer them blankets,

until you asked.

You’re a hero Karin,

because while most people walk away,

you stay.

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