Poem: Graceful Rant

Monentmal, pixabay.com

Let go

Let the silver light show

Let the glow glint

Dark flint ruminating new ink

Blue iris indigo

A night blanket in snow.

Look deeper closer

Listen to the clear horizon

Deep with atmosphere

Hear oceans voluminous

Mountains liquid with lake.

Each pearl drops in perfect quake

from each still rain kissed branch

No one can predict the ripening

From miniature into sudden

That wills itself to arrive unseen

Easy natural striding dream.


Confidence mistaken for lazy

Poet mistaken for crazy

Quietly enduring the bravado

Of those who insist by force

the muscle bound Atlas struggle

Of those who electrocute to be heard

The macho absurd self-promoters

The crotch grabbers in Lamborghinis

The bald trumpeters of profit

With gaudy teeth dipped in goldeneye lies

Who never listen or whisper

Who can’t see the graciousness of trees

or the subtle wild variety of leaves

that flower natural ethereal rose.

It’s all just real estate dollar signs

to them including the People,

If it’s not money, it’s nothing to them.

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