Poem: Your smile

Hope Valley, United Kingdom, https://unsplash.com/@grantritchie

Inside between

the folds layer like oyster swirled chiffon

French doors are opening

shining swift kingdom of sunlight

Rose gold salivating rivers

sheen like supple baby snake

a finger lapping purely silvered

ocean waves sleep into clouds

marking an invisible lip

or a twinkling scar

mirrored up and over again

under currents

racing an avalanche of icicle

wishing for glistening sparkling dove

through water light galloping mountains

grooming the soft marbled pearl

the liquid squid abdomen

floating tunneled up

breathing bubbles like dolphins

merging in calm wise thankful

ring of circle

where colors talk in crystal

and trust allows home to form

Love is a spherical

naked miracle mirror

real unfiltered true reborn

tear washed knight

kisses the queen of the moon

pain escapes shame

through blameless portals of hope

your smile helps me.

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