Poem: Unrequited (haiku in 9 variations)

Megan Wood, unsplash.com


It feels like high school

When I was a super fool

Unrequited crush


Why does a crush hurt?

Disappointment feels like loss

Though it’s not real love



Dreaming a future never

Hope wasted pretend.


Peered eyes to my eyes

Said I want to be just friends

Nothing more again.


Since we’ll still be friends

Let’s pretend no one got hurt

One night stand lover


One unfinished night

that’s all we’ll ever have now

that’s all he wanted?


Never is discard

So alone in the vacant

Never is afraid


The morning after

you wanted to kiss again

why’d you lead me on?


Fooled once is enough

Drink my coffee and shower

Close the dream in time.

Girl on a broomstick, Leo Rivas, unsplash.com

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