Poem: Aquarium Funeral (haiku)

Two male betas ready to fight, https://unsplash.com/@dangmanhhuy

Toilet water flush

Swirled into oblivion

funeral cyclone.

The female beta tank has failed. All the peaceful ones were attacked until they died of their wounds. Stripes’s entire fin was ripped off. It made me lose heart. She had survived by outwitting the agressive ones by grabbing her food and diving to her hiding spaces. But poor Stripes and Peacock both eventually died because they weren’t aggressive enough to attack the bullies back. The other two alpha bullies have also died. Alby used to be peaceful but maybe became restless. All dead fish were unceremoniously flushed. I love betas but will not try to keep a sorority of them together ever again I think. Sad because I love them.

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