Poem: Relying on god to solve your problems is choosing victimhood


Why do religions preach

helplessness as a virtue?

Don’t wait for god to save you

You’ve been entrusted with so many gifts

What’re you hiding them for?

Who taught you to lie down and stay down?

Who trained you to fear inner power?

They did the pretend experts

Who convinced you of unworthiness

The lie that you were born to be destroyed

born in sin because of woman fables.

If you don’t join their false salvation

or pay to pray to their gods

invented in their image

reflecting their lies and what they deny

you’ll burn in Hell forever!

But I won’t believe in an evil tyrant

If god is love

Than god isn’t jealous

A jealous god sounds more devilish than divine

Like a petty, insecure psycho serial killer.

But if god is a creator artist

Than she is a nurturer

All of us comes from her

born in natural innocence.

For she so loved the world

She endured the pain of giving birth.

Her body is our first infinite home

She feed us with her body milk

she is first true communion.

god is a good mama

who empowers us to grow

Explore and recover

evolve our souls through love.

heaven is here

if we could only see it.

Paradise was never lost

it’s been here the whole time

waiting for us.



6 thoughts on “Poem: Relying on god to solve your problems is choosing victimhood

    1. Thanks Rosaliene, I appreciate your supportive, gracious comment. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I think religions were created or eventually utilized to control people, governments use the same techniques to keep us ignorant and obedient. Love empowers but Fear/Hatred enslaves.

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