Poem: Guinevere (haiku in variations)



You were property

Birthed female, sold in marriage

Female means no choice.


Your brothers became

Famous, brave, heroes of might

Rich chivalrous knights


While you embroidered

Quietly their coat of arms

Prayed for their safety.


Poor beautiful you

Married into slavery

They said be grateful


Where else could you go?

You wanted love not money

Sad Queen in a crown


Never wanted fame

You wished for a simple life

A kind, good husband


Not a regal King

Your father pawned you for gain

like a horse or goat


When you were kidnapped

Your husband sent a hero

To bring you back home


To cold damp castle

Pearls and rubies and goblets

You never wanted


Lancelot was bold

Brave because his heart was gold

an ancient soulmate


Together one night

one perfect moment of bliss

Would be your only


Lance ran away lost

Afraid of consequences

Wasn’t strong like you


They blamed you like Eve

But love can’t ever be stopped

It wasn’t your fault.




10 thoughts on “Poem: Guinevere (haiku in variations)

    1. Hi John, thanks for your sweet comment. I’ve been overloaded with work, sorry for the late response! I’ve experienced similar, certain men I loved unconditionally, didn’t love me back, just lead me on for years! I wonder why people tend to not love the one who loves them! Sometimes an equally loving partnership happens but it seems rare. I like your phrase, “make your heart dance”, beautiful❤️

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