Poem: if we could quit

ever wild, unsplash.com

If we could quit our jobs

Do what we really love

Could we all survive

that much happiness?

Maybe that’s why

we have to die

to experience true bliss.

Or maybe this place

is an interim

a landing space

a mock up spell

of wondering.

The rewards of positive

thinking and living

jogging, detoxing, yoga

vs wayward drinking

victimhood thinking

the mini ticket to hell.

Moderation is a virtue

sought by many earned by a few.

Addiction is a con-artist trick

whether it’s food sex drugs

work religion or jogging

the gamble never adds up

you can never have enough

hole in the overflowing cup

miserly hoarding endorphins

in things that will never love you back.

8 thoughts on “Poem: if we could quit

    1. Sounds great, I think traveling is a way to reset our sense of appreciation of things, life feels refreshed with new perceptions. I agree with you too, I wish people returned to meeting for coffee and conversation, instead of texting constantly.

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