Poem: The antidote


For Steve

The antihero

antidote to fear is love.

At least in one unseen realm

old scars heal clean between us

but here they intrude ruthlessly.

We should just be friends

but chance creeps back in

ruining the trust and goodwill

we rebuilt from pain and pretend

with the illusion of true romance

like my Lothario father

you give raging heart attacks

not happily ever after.

Shouting recycled shame in the lobby

with your soulful Orpheus eyes

hiding the lies especially from yourself.

Your mercurial mouth is stained

excellent at flirtation

empty promises and

contrary expectations.

Your selective memory

changes and forgets

according to what benefits you.

Mischievous allure

and sometimes chivalry

that’s what you’re good for

you leave commitment

waiting at the broken door.

Love drives you mad

burning what you desire

each missed chance

dooms you to dead islands of alone.

Through forests and mountains far away

hiding in monasteries, armies, prisons

you run until you’ve run out of excuses

you collapse exhausted

on the hope floor of forgiveness.

Crazy lazy dangerously handsome

reborn Romeo Hamlet and Apollo

your genius gifts are wasted

drunk on impossible perfection.

I guess my brain is just as insane

retrieving lost images

as if you were a silent movie.

Maybe our memories are cinematic stills

captured forever in the heart’s adoring camera.

We don’t know the script

we mad lib through

making nonsense

rapturous magic

bittersweet funny and tragic.

Improvise impromptu

timelines of trying and dying

journeys, trials, miracles, disasters.

Death is a mystery surprise

that I hope I guessed right.

I think I’ll see you then

When we’re not hurting

anyone or ourselves anymore

when we’re soul friends again

as we’ve always been.

4 thoughts on “Poem: The antidote

  1. This appears to be one side of a conversation between two souls, an expression of the unresolved emotions left in the heart and mind of the narrator. Yet the conclusion admits a bond of friendship in spite of the past and present. Your poem, Judy, reminds me of Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrows, especially how each concludes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like your impression of the poem, yes unresolved emotions, my relationships were complicated especially this one. I’m going to try to find Goreki’s Symphony of Sorrows (great title), thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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