Poem: Bloated Landlord

My bloated landlord

will not provide anything

but the very worst.

He hires the cheapest labor

forced to use the cheapest tools

broken plastic supplies

My thermostat’s mounted tilted


Crooked landowner

the window screens are shredded open

the dusted panes are impossible to open

on summer days my apartment’s a sauna

so I sit perched with fans blasting

sweat beads dry like salty tears.

The glass entry door is temporarily

shattered for several years

covered up with an ugly translucent

tacky flower sticker

it’s been this way for a decade.

He won’t replace the god forsaken

toilet that needs to be demolished.

He needs to give a shit

about people over profit.

Tenants are people

not corporations

and Life as usual ticks on

while his bank account rises

my rent’s increased every year

for nothing

the rents have doubled

sometimes tripled

for no reason

other than they can.

Replace the broken things

make this hovel livable

but he will not allow it

or dogs, or cats, or rats

even though he is one

big fat cheapskate rat.

He’s a typical miser


country club seeker.

He celebrates this dump

as if it were a charity prize.

Dickensian greed is alive and thriving

in newly gentrified Oakland.

He’s a nouveau bourgeoisie

living the life of his dreams

but when he dies

He’ll see

his vacant hollow heart

jam packed with worthless greed

was gorged full on poverty.

The rich that never bothered to care

the only thing that they shared

was new suffering and grief

for working class people.

When will we rise?

Maybe when we stop begging

stop accepting their trash scraps.

We need to start inventing

a new reality.

Storm the gates

Crash the party

Remake the world

Re-naturalize it.

Forbidden marks the arrow

pierced through injustice.

Let’s start now

not tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Poem: Bloated Landlord

  1. Ever since I had to move out of my dad’s house after he died and had to rent, I’ve discovered that sadly many landlords are like this.

    I like your term Dickensian greed because Dickens accurately depicted a lot of greedy wretched landlords like this.

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    1. It’s awful that happened to you. I think most landlords lack conscience and decency. I was unfairly evicted years ago, from a beautiful 2-3 bdrm flat with a balcony in SF (very difficult to find good housing in the Bay Area), during the massive evictions (all due to landowner greed trying to profit from the tech economy explosion) in the first wave of gentrification (evictions happened several times throughout the years, to so many good residents). I paid my rent on time always and was kicked out at the height of skyrocketed rents. Many grandmothers and long time residents were evicted for no reason other than profit. Now it’s happening in Oakland too. I work full time in an office job, I should be able to afford a modest 2brm in a nice neighborhood but nope. Rent for a 1bdrm is at least $2000/month (for a tiny, rundown apt!) for a 2bdrm it’s about $3000-4000/month. Insane greed here. Dickens was a great champion for the working class and the poor, it’s awful that his writing still applies to today’s greed and wealth divide.

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      1. I think the trend of “tiny houses” made out of shipping containers is perhaps practical but so ironic, compared to the luxury of elites who own huge mansions and entire islands. No one person should be allowed to own an island.

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    1. Yes they sit back and let the money roll in from hardworking residents, (my rent steadily increases every year), but they won’t make the space actually livable. I’ve done my best to create a home but things are constantly broken and never properly fixed. It’s inhuman to lack a conscience but maybe they’ve lost their soul.

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