Celebrity Pedophiles (Part One) : Presley, Prince and Jackson

The King of Pop, the Artist, and the King of Rock and Roll; creeps who groomed children to fulfill their sexual gratification.

Elvis Presley, Prince and Michael Jackson, what do they have in common besides being celebrity musicians? Each of them groomed their teenaged fans, moved them into their mansions and later married them when they reached legal age. Technically, Presley and Prince didn’t rape their teen admirers, (since they waited to consummate sex after marriage) but they set up the virginal girls to become their wives with classic pedophilic grooming. It reminds me of how young virgins were married to adult men throughout history, given away like property in marriage alliances.

In the raid of the FDLS Mormon polygamist cult led by Warren Jeffs, the true roots of Mormonism were exposed. He forcibly arranged underaged girls to marry adult men in his cult. Jeffs was also accused of incest by his nephew, Brent Jeffs in 2004. Brent said he was sodomized and abused by Warren and other family members since he was 5-6 yrs old. He wrote a memoir, titled, “Lost Boy”. Brent’s brother Clayne was also raped by Warren Jeffs during childhood, he ended up committing suicide. It doesn’t stop there, Warren Jeffs committed incest with two of his own children along with his nephews!

FDLS leader Warren Jeffs had 87 wives, as young as 12 yrs old.
In 2006 Warren Jeffs was arrested, in 2011 he was convicted of sexual assault to a minor.

There are countless others: R. Kelly and Woody Allen come to mind; but this was intended to be a short post that focuses primarily on Presley, Prince and Jackson. Maybe I’ll write a part two, but this topic is so depressing.

R. Kelly had sex with Aaliyah and married her in 1994 when she was 14, her parents had the marriage annulled in 1995. Kelly wrote and produced her 1994 debut album, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”.

Elvis courted his future wife, Priscilla and moved her into his Graceland mansion when she was a teenager. He waited until she became 19 to marry her. He also bizarrely made her wear a huge black wig (his mother had black hair, Priscilla’s hair was brown), it seems like he wanted her clothes and her makeup style to imitate his mother’s appearance. Creepy. After Priscilla gave birth, it’s rumored that he stopped sleeping with her, was it because she literally became a mother? He wanted her to remind him of his mother but not be a mother?

Prince met his first wife, Mayte Garcia, through her mother, who sent him a video of her daughter belly dancing. Great mothering instincts! I think backstage parents, who want be rich and famous through their children, should be charged with abuse. The mother and daughter were in the front row during one of his concerts in 2000 and were invited back stage. Prince invited Mayte to live in his Paisley Park mansion, while she was still a teenager. He made her a back up dancer and she become his wife in 2006. Their firstborn child was born severely deformed and died within a week. Mayte miscarried a second child shortly afterwards and Prince divorced her. In an interview with People magazine, she described how he controlled what she ate in order to keep her weight down and they notoriously pretended that their baby, named Boy Gregory, was still alive during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Prince was her very first romantic crush.

Why do parents allow, (or most likely encourage) their children into adult inspired activities like belly dancing or beauty contests? Belly dancing is known as a sensual, arousing dance. Little Mayte has make up on to match her temptress outfit, belly dancing is all about seduction and female body curves. But Mayte has a flat chest with no waist because she’s a child! Her mother essentially pimped her to be with Prince.

Both Prince, Elvis and Jackson influenced their virginal future lover’s physical appearance, they were idolized by countless groupies and they held the power in the relationship, both as the older man/father figure and also as the charismatic sex idol/celebrity god. If you’re asking why I consider Presley and Prince to be pedophiles, (since they waited to have sex with their teenagers), I think they expertly groomed and isolated inexperienced children to live in their controlled-environment, mansions. The children were all under their celebrity power of manipulation. Taking them away from their homes practically insured their devotion and virginity. The victims were initiated into their first experience with sex, by their sexually advanced abusers. They had no other reference point for learning about sex until they were groomed.

It’s very narcissistic what the pedophiles did. They were grown men of status and power and they entrapped children, under the guise of mentorship and later courtship. So even if these pedophiles technically waited, (didn’t commit statutory rape); they still had their lustful intentions fulfilled and swept under the approved sanctuary of condoned sex, through marriage.

Michael Jackson brought his numerous child fans to live in his Neverland mansion for extended “sleepovers” for decades. Several men accused him of sexually abusing them when they were children. Wade Robson says he was sexually abused when he was 7 and Jackson was 31. Wade was even allegedly married to him in a secret ceremony, with an exchange of a wedding ring. I haven’t watched the latest documentary, “Leaving Neverland” yet, but the interviews of James Safechuck and Wade Robson are very compelling. They both claim that Jackson professed to be in love with them when they were children and he promised them rewarding careers in the industry. Both of the boys got Jackson’s attention initially as dancers; they could perfectly imitate his iconic dance moves. Jacko knew how to charm and groom the children’s parents too; who seemed naively star struck with his fame and wealth.

Robson looks heavily influenced by his mentor/abuser

Safechuck was featured in Jackson’s infamous Pepsi commercial.

“A picture says a thousand words”


  1. A frightening and disturbing blog post.

    I didn’t know Aaliya had once been married to R. Kelly (and at a frightening young age).

    I just remember her as a rising young singer when she was killed in that tragic crash.

    I also saw her play the Queen of the Damned in the movie adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel.

    I notice she’s wearing a Walt Disney Mickey Mouse t-shirt in that photo with R. Kelly.

    Appropriate since there are several stories seeming to indicate that those child stars groomed by Disney on their children’s TV shows as young singers and dancers (such as Britney Spears) do seem to be groomed for sexual roles later.

    It’s said that Disney is actually a pedophile’s breeding ground in Hollywood.

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    1. Yes. Aaliyah was seduced by R Kelly at least 14yrs old perhaps younger and they secretly married due to a false pregnancy is the story. The marriage certificate said she was 18, not true at all. R Kelly is also infamous for having a sex cult and abusing underaged girls. He’s a total slime ball. I was going to mention the Disney hoodie she was wearing but didn’t after I noticed that R Kelly seems to be wearing an identical Mickey Mouse jacket, (look at the plaid lining in the hood and the color is the same), he sure never grew up!

      I used to watch Disney films and took my young son to see their animated films but never again. I agree that something ominous is going on with child stars especially from Disney; everyone of them seems nuts, (I guess the males have it easier…Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling seem unaffected), but poor Britney Spears is obviously disturbed and the newest crazy ones are Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

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  2. We can only wonder about the state of their mentality that allows them believe that they are doing nothing wrong. We should never be so starstruck to absolve them or any celebrity of sickening behavior.

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  3. It’s ghastly, gruesome, heinous to the core.
    It sounds worse than the child marriage tradition we had in India. With education and awareness it was abolished. How can such high profile celebrities get into such heinous acts? Mostt of all how can parents let this happen to their kids?

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    1. I agree, it’s a subversive element in our society how females are devalued and treated like property! I’m so glad child marriages were abolished in India. It seems like extremely wealthy people and celebrities get away with deviant behavior, but it seems to be unraveling, slowly. I think public awareness and outcry is the only way things will change is exposure of the truth. Thank you for your comment.

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    1. Exactly true, they even named it Reaganomics! Haha! Ego overload! He was a great deceiver an actual Hollywood actor. His campion via Roger Stone was, “Make America Great Again” history definitely repeats, he did the same slogan for Trump. So unimaginative.

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