Poem: Music, They ruined it for me

The comfort of melodic

is fused like a disaster.

Nothing good of this will come.

They raped the beauty

the miracle of music.

Magic is a demon now.

They took away the pure

innocence and fantasy.

4 thoughts on “Poem: Music, They ruined it for me

  1. This is true of movies, music and books these days.

    They’ve even ruined Superman for me who was my favourite comic book super hero when I was growing up.

    And a few years ago I came across an Archie comic – A new one- (and Archie was another of my favourite comic books growing up) and it showed Jughead turning into a zombie and eating most of Riverdale.

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    1. Yes, they’re so nefarious, it’s everywhere, even in children’s media, there’s a graphic novel/comic book called, “Plants vs Zombies”. The zombies or creatures seem to look the same, no eyes/face just rows of fangs.

      Superman was the iconic hero, I haven’t read the comics (I used to read Spider-Man though), film-wise, I liked Christopher Reeves’ version, the latest films are so boring and his suit looks like it has sequins! My friend said he stole Wonder Woman’s red boots! Haha!

      Sorry they ruined Archie comics too. No respect for the original creators. Now there’s a show called, “Riverdale” I watched a bit of it, it starts out like a Twin Peaks mystery and gets progressively worse/unwatchable.

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