Poem: A Tape Deck for Mad Scientists

Watching a Flight of Seagulls

Jennifer Connelly

at the infinite interval.

Freeze frame it

unmistakably 80s

including the nerd

the tape deck tells it all

glamour and punk

renaissance lace

spandex ballet

androgynous wigs

and makeup hunk.

Danger zone

Top Gun for hire

I wish I could

time travel

laughing gas obnoxious

with you forever

mad scientists

you and i.

I spy

an electroscope

you and I were always


of the best kind

on a fool’s errand.

4 thoughts on “Poem: A Tape Deck for Mad Scientists

    1. I was watching, a Flock of Seagull’s video, “Space Age Love Song”, it shows clips of Connelly from an 80s film, she’s stealing clothes and roller skating in Target, (never saw the original movie). Something about that video summarizes that time, tape decks especially make me time travel. The 80s was a time of innocence for me, it was maybe the last time that kids had freedom and unscheduled time to themselves.

      I think she won an Oscar for that performance, or was it Crowe? They were in “Noah” together also which I surprisingly liked. I liked her in “Labyrinth” and “Dark City”.

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      1. Yes, I agree about the ’80s.

        There was something about the invention of the cell phone and later the smart phone that seemed to imprison youth in an insidious web of social media tyranny and cyberbullying.

        I did see Target.

        I remember John Candy (one of my favourite comic actors) appeared in that as well.

        I forgot Jennifer Connelly was in Dark City.

        Loved that film.

        Sort of like a 1940s film noir movie in a sci-fi futuristic setting.

        Yes, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for A Beautiful Mind.

        I never did see the movie Noah.

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      2. Yes the cell and smart phones took us hostage. I bet it’ll get even more invasive. I loved John Candy, I was sad when he died. My favorite episode on SNL was when he strip danced against Patrick Swayze. Dark City was cool but in retrospect why the flat earth pre-emptive inclusion? Holly-weird. Noah was watchable, Connelly was great in the role, her acting has improved and she looks timelessly beautiful.

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