Poem: Free the Children (haiku in 11 variations)

These are photos of online pedophiles who buy live sex cam shows of children


These faces above

want to torture maim and kill

innocent children.


They seem so normal

uncles, fathers, doctors, priests

hidden dark hatred.


Creeps in the costume

of love, destroyers of trust

innocence killers.


There is no such thing

as Nabokov’s Lolita

Media tricked us.


His uncle the perv

known as the bottom toucher

deviated him.



is in all his written work

in secretive code.


Lewis Carroll and

J M Barrie both rumored,

famous molesters.


We were groomed with lies

Wonderland and Neverland

playhouse of horrors.


Research it yourself

clues are everywhere to see

if you don’t believe.


Sinister writers

celebrites and elites

renowned and acclaimed.


That’s the clever game

perverts cloaked in decency

hidden in plain view.

Screenshot from Youtube McNab342, Nabokov sitting in his uncle “Rucka”‘s lap.

In the Philippines, 40% live in poverty. They live in shacks in slums with no real options to leave. Desperate, demoralized parents are often the pimps of their own children. Sex acts between parents/siblings, animals are requested by online perverts. Rape of babies, bondage of 5 yr old children is what’s happening in our world. The online pedophiles come from wealthy nations: the US, Europe, the Saudia Arabia are predominantly represented. They come from all social backgrounds, are married or single, and of varied ages; the only common characteristic was that they could afford to buy these children. Detectives who worked these cases said that online pedophiles often escalate to raping children offline. The extreme wealth divide of our world fuels this atrocity and porn is the incubator.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery – Philippines — Read on www.gvnet.com/humantrafficking/Philippines.htm

10 thoughts on “Poem: Free the Children (haiku in 11 variations)

    1. Agreed, all the attention is on Jeffery Epstein and the Me too movement (which has relevance) but it’s nothing close to what poor sex trafficked children go through, not even comparable almost. These are babies being raped, it’s bad enough to abuse teens and women on a casting couch, what’s happening in the poor countries is unspeakably evil.

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      1. Yes far to prevelent in societies around the world. Human trafficking must be shut down and those involved brought to justice. Lots of focus on rich and famous but this is something more grass roots that needs clamping down on.

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      2. I agree, any abuse is bad but I feel heartbroken for the humans that are trafficked from third world countries where they are being the most exploited. Thanks for your comment Faux.


  1. A much needed series of haikus.

    Taking an English literature course on Children’s Literature in University and reading Alice In Wonderland for the first time as an adult was when I began to seriously wonder about Lewis Carroll.

    And this would definitely explain why Michael Jackson named his ranch Neverland.

    Pedophiles like the purloined letter of Edgar Allan Poe short story fame hide in plain view.

    I remember a few years ago seeing a picture of Pope Francis kissing a mentally challenged disabled boy fully right on the lips in a pose and a photo I found deeply distressing.

    You’re right, Judy.

    They do seem to hide in plain view.

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    1. Thanks Christopher, it’s like a puzzle, many pieces are fitting together of this network/pedophilia culture, very disturbing. A dark web pedophile group was also called Wonderland, and yes MJ’s Neverland ranch too. There’s a link between Carroll, Freud and Nabokov too, (Freud’s grandson was a pedophile too). I’m going to write another post about Nabokov. Pope Francis definitely creeps me out, most of those priests, especially high up in rank are in on it, I think.

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