Poem: Monsters Do Exist As Humans (haiku in 27 variations)

(Fully Sourced Five Creepy Facts about the Madeleine McCann case):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0AuBVd7NjM&feature=share


Monsters look human

but inside they’re psychopaths

demons in hiding.


Madeline McCann

Where did those liars hide her?

Is she still alive?


I don’t think she is

in this sad world anymore

I think they killed her.


They drugged them but why?

What are they trying to hide?

Were they pedophiles?


Left the door unlocked

and bathed each other’s children

recklessly endangered them.


In a strange country

alone and unsupervised

they neglected them.


They met Freud for lunch

after Maddie disappeared

they laughed at his jokes.


Kate especially

seemed charmed by him and giggled

when he called her a



What a sick monster she is

laughing and flirting.


Her child was still lost

but she was socializing

with that strange pervert


with sick Clement Freud

in his suspiciously close

mansion near the crime.


Clement Freud married

C. S. Lewis’ child muse

Narnia’s Lucy.


She apologized

for her husband‘s perversion

too little, too late.


What’s wrong with the rich?!

She was a pedophile too

It seems they all were.


Amazing but true

exclusive club of elites

They knew each other.


Those creepy brothers

Podesta of Pizzagate

stayed at his mansion.


Stranger than Fiction

There is an odd connection.

They were there that night.


What are the chances?

Paradise for pedophiles?

Who else was involved?


It’s not just Maddie

Kids are stolen, trafficked, killed

Millions go missing.


Don’t bother to watch

the Netflix doc subversion

Watch YouTube instead


Before it’s erased

or it’s silenced with lawsuits

media censored.


The truth is out there

but not on mainstream tv

even Trump knows this.


I’m no fan of Trump

or the pseudo-democrats.

Neither have conscience.


Monsters do exist.

Secrets don’t die with the dead.

Karma will decide.

Joana Morais: Suspicion: PJ Admitted that the Children had been Drugged
— Read on joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/08/suspicion-pj-admitted-that-children-had.html

“‘Instead of saying Freud’s dead, the police need to say, ‘What are we going to do about it? We need to see who he was allied to. Let’s see if Freud was involved.'” Vicky Haynes.

THE rape victim of disgraced MP Sir Clement Freud has said she ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if he was linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
— Read on www.express.co.uk/news/uk/681098/Paedophile-MP-Clement-Fraud-Madeleine-McCann-Kate-Gerry-Portugal


    1. It’s still unsolved after over a decade. Many good people donated money to the McCann’s to find Madeleine but nothing’s changed. There’s a scandal because the McCann’s have used the donations to pay off their house mortgage also.

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      1. Think I lived in England when the story broke. It all got weird somewhere along the way and the public turned on them mostly — not that meant much in terms of guilt but the story was a difficult one to figure out…

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      2. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence against the McCanns, I think they were involved in a cover up or worse. There’s too many suspicious things they said and did. At the very least I think they were guilty of neglect. Why would any parent leave their babies and toddler alone in an unlocked apartment? The tapas restaurant was not as close as they pretended it was. They are very strange people in my opinion, who profited from their “missing” child.

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    1. Hi Sue, I watched this clip too, it was very informative. I was impressed with Peter Hyatt’s analysis, he was so intelligent and insightful. The things that Kate wrote in her book about imagining Madeline sexually mutilated is beyond belief! I wonder why the parents weren’t arrested for neglect. Thanks for sharing this video.

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  1. My pleasure Judy. Peter Hyatt’s book is very good too. My husband is obsessed with statement analysis and embedded confessions! I’m starting to get the bug as well, as you can learn to do it in every day life, with every day people. I find Richard Hall’s videos interesting and intriguing. Thank you once again for your bold and insightful verse on the subject, as there are many people who think Madeleine was abducted. The Mc Canns appear to be protected/untouchable. I love the way you take taboo subjects and blow them wide open.

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    1. I want to read his book and learn from him too, it’s a cool skill to be able to decipher what’s really being said. I like how humble Hyatt seemed when he said he used to be naive or easily tricked and so he learned to overcome that by learning statement analysis. I haven’t been able to see Hall’s other videos, I’ll look for them. I liked his interview style and intent to get to the truth. I’m glad to be able to discuss these controversial topics with you, (I wouldn’t/can’t discuss these topics with many coworkers and acquaintances). Thank you Sue, for adding interesting, relevant information and supporting conversation about difficult topics. Your comments positively contribute to this post.

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    1. Yes, this particular missing child case was the most publicized but millions of children go missing every year. It’s very disturbing. Child trafficking isn’t fake news, but sadly nothing’s being done about it. Thanks for your comment Jaya.

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