1. Hi David, I wonder if they actually care for any Other outside of their self-interest. Some people are vampiric psychopaths, they don’t see anything wrong with taking. They think that’s Alpha. But I think also meekness is a problem. We sheepishly consume and keep their bank accounts full with debts to them 🤔

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      1. Yes, consumer debt makes the rich
        even richer. Apparently a Professor
        of Finance in the U. S. actually
        came up with the idea, back in the
        pre-credit card ’80’s. And of course
        the Wall Street banks jumped on the
        idea. Now we have pay day lenders
        advertising their usury on TV.
        Their was some interesting research
        done by sociologist cncluding that
        the rich generally feel that they have
        no need of normal social support
        system, such as friends & family,
        as they have the money. Therefore,
        no requirement to be nice, and
        generous. In fact the more money,
        the less need for other people.

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      2. That makes sense, no wonder the lack of empathy. Some of the richest seem the most miserly, profit over people and the environment. Inherited wealth and status, never earned.


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