Celebrity Pedophiles (Part Two) : Female Predator, Demi Moore

I think Demi’s eyes were altered, she now has a wide-opened, crazy eye look. Leave your face alone Demi!

The Me Too trend revealed casting couch sexual harassment and the predatory nature of the business but I think it’s just a tip of the iceberg. We’re just beginning to understand how the music and entertainment industry operates. I think the disgraced celebrities are token sacrifices. Diversion is a classic magician’s trick. The ones who have the real power, the puppeteers, are still hidden and protected at the highest of levels.

Most sexual predators are statistically male but females are predators too. There’s often a link between being abused and becoming an abuser. Not all victims become abusers but psychological studies have shown a trend; male victims tend to grow up to become abusers, and female victims often grow up to marry abusers. How depressing. There are always exceptions to these patterns. I think the catalyst for not repeating the vicious cycle, is self-awareness and a determination to end the generational and cyclical abuse.

“The 56-year-old actress had said that her mother Virginia King would take her to bars to attract men and even took money from a man who wanted to have sex with her”
— Read on meaww.com/amp/demi-moore-rape-la-club-mother-mila-kunis-ashton-kutcher-divorce-basil-doumas-book-inside-out

Demi Moore, the famous actress from the 80s, “Brat Pack” recently released a memoir. I haven’t read it, (still debating whether I should read it), but I’ve seen her in interviews describing how her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher, (who is 17 yrs younger than her), coerced her to participate in threesomes with women. They were a Hollywood couple, so why is this scandalous or shocking? I’d be surprised if the typical celebrity couple didn’t engage in kinky sex.

“How Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are reacting to Demi Moore’s memoir, “Inside Out.””
— Read on www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/what-ashton-kutcher-and-mila-kunis-really-think-of-demi-moores-memoir/ar-AAHZvTf

A bizarre video of Moore which surfaced a few years ago, has resurfaced again probably due to her new memoir, “Inside Out”. The video was filmed at the birthday party of a 15 year old fellow cast member from the soap opera, General Hospital. If you were alive during the 80s, you probably remember the storyline of “Luke and Laura“, the actor who played Luke, Anthony Geary is seen in this clip also. I always wondered why he was a sex symbol, with his white guy afro and plain-looking face but he was a celebrated character. The storyline of “Luke and Laura” was insane; Luke raped Laura before they became lovers. How romantic??!

“DEMI MOORE HAD ‘GH’ ROLE IN ’80S – Sun Sentinel”
— Read on http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1996-04-20-9604180419-story.html


Screenshot of the ET clip

In the ET video clip above, Moore seemed drunk at the party. She repeatedly kissed her 15 yr old co-star, Phillip Tanzini passionately on the lips and said he was her favorite person. The young boy seemed at times like a typical teenager, shouting over his Doors T-shirt gift. He said, “Mother, I’m gonna freak! Oh! (and shouts triumphantly). Jim Morrison still lives, for all you people out there, Morrison is alive! Morrison lives everybody! I know this for a fact! I don’t care what anybody says!” Then his much younger co-star adds, “Listen to him!” Hmmm, sounds like another conspiracy theory. My point is, he revealed his level of maturity as a not-fully developed, teenager howling excitedly over a birthday gift. Then in another shot, he seemed very sophisticated, like a suave, ladies’ man, he even fed her a bite of food. Moore practically drooled over him, showering him with professions of love.

Screenshot of ET clip

Demi: “Because I love Phillip and he’s the only one I love.”

Phillip: “Do your interview already!”

Demi: “Ok, I’m Luke’s new love, but personally I love Phillip!”

You can see her drinking throughout the party and her voice seemed slightly slurred to me. She shouts, shakes her head and sings to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” off tune. In another section of the ET interview she said—

Demi: “I’m 19, I just turned 19….Happy Birthday to Phillip because I love him dearly! He’s one of my favorite people!”

Interviewer: “How long have you known him?”

Demi: “For about 3 weeks, and he’s been terrific!”

Then in another shot—

Phillip: “Ah, she’s the greatest!”

Phillip: “Um, we’re gonna get married by the way. Don’t let her husband find out!”

Demi: “I can’t wait!” (Indiscernible what she said next then)—

Demi: “I really love, because he’s, he keeps me happy! I love him! Oh!”

It seems like Hollywood has an agenda to hire young actors and actresses and groom them to be sexualized early on. Ashton Kutcher was also 19 yrs old when his TV character on “That 70’s Show”, was romantically paired with Mila Kunis, (she was only 14 yrs old). Hollywood is a pedophile’s paradise.


The actors, especially the females are pressured to get plastic surgery to remain forever youthful looking but they lose the dignity of wisdom and mental maturity. When Demi Moore (or Cher, is she immortal? She hasn’t aged at all!) date men that are a decade or more their junior, they have the advantage of influence, money, fame, and a certain degree of maturity through life experience, but I think it shows an overall immaturity, a lack of true confidence and a need for validation of virility, to date someone that’s nearly half your age, (whether it’s an older man or older woman who holds the power), it screams, Mid-life Crisis to me. Demi Moore has an amazingly youthful body whether through plastic surgery or exercise and dieting; but she’s needs to stop trying so desperately to live the life of a young adult. Physical beauty isn’t the only value of a woman but I don’t think she understands this or truly respects herself.

Demi Moore with her daughters, Tallulah and Rumer Willis.
This is how I remember Demi Moore when she was married to Bruce Willis. She had a curvaceous body, and was big-boned, nothing wrong with that. Now she looks very lean and model-like. Dieting and exercise can’t change bone structure, only plastic surgery.
Teeth whitened or replaced, and double chin removed.
She looks like a whole different person in these photos. In the one to the right, she resembles Megan Fox more than her old self.
Poor Demi. I guess this is why she got plastic surgery?
She was beautiful in her youth and for most of her adult mid-life, it’s time for her to stop rejecting herself and embrace aging gracefully. Date someone around your own age too, you’ll look relatively younger!


    1. Hi Terry, we’re part of the same era, Generation X. I don’t think life was nearly as crazy as it is now but maybe awful things were happening then too, but it was all hidden from public awareness? I also think technology helps the underground to operate worldwide, covertly. I miss the days when life seemed relatively safe and children were allowed to have their innocence. Now the world seems so dark and ominous.

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