Poem: Pelicans (haiku in 4 variations)

Pelicans at Lake Merritt, photograph by Judy Kim


On my way to work

A pelican family

Floats by so sweetly.


I love how they swim

Together dipping their beaks

Gobbling tiny fish.


They’re fascinating

Their beaks wobble like rubber

Sifting through water.


Swimming as a group

I love their togetherness

They help each other.

Pelicans, photographed by Judy Kim

Explore the pelican’s prodigious pouch. Find out how these famous fishers bring home the catch of the day.
— Read on www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/group/pelicans/


  1. I remember there was a lake about 4 blocks from where I lived in the house with my dad called Broadmoor Lake.

    Occasionally there were pelicans there.

    We were always surprised when they were because northern Alberta seemed a bit too far north for pelicans.

    They were magnificent creatures to watch.

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