Poem: Slavery by any other name is still Slavery

She made herself invisible

by not looking into their eyes.

She degraded herself with lies

disguised as jokes

to beat them to the punch.

She smiled politely at their pick up lines

pretend compliments:





celestial orchid,


pearl of the orient,

asian persuasion,

war bride,

(every Asian is either)—


gook or chink,

dragon lady,

mama san,


massage parlor girl.

Ignorance continues generationally,

bigotry passes on through greedy wars,

laws of imperialist thievery.

So she made herself disappear:

while scrubbing floors,

washing dishes,

folding laundry,

cleaning toilets,

changing diapers,

cooking meals

bowing lowly.

All for the ruling class

the privileged elitists

who grant her a slave’s wage

and call it generosity

written off as tax-free charity

under the table.


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