Online Dating: Part One: Rape Culture

I think the romance of dating was ruined by the internet. I’ve given up on it for several reasons but mostly because I met too many crazy and/or incompatible people there. Maybe the matching logarithm was skewed on purpose, just to frustrate us. Keeping compatible people apart could be profitable; keep everyone mismatched so they keep coming back! I never paid for dating services, so all I lost was time.

I don’t know if men have experienced this too, but as a woman, I got so tired of having to see dick pics via online dating. It’s nauseating to get an unwanted, graphically described invitation to sex with the sleazy, prick photo attached. I don’t know any woman who would see this insult as a compliment. The muscular, bare-chested, headless profile photo is also a turn off.

Contrary to the propaganda, women don’t get turned on by creepiness. We don’t want to be stalked and we’re not playing hard to get. If we don’t show interest, it’s because we’re not into you. Trying to convince anyone, male or female, to like you, is pointless. Why would you want to be with someone that you had to persuade? Changing yourself to be with someone who doesn’t naturally like you, is a form of self-abandonment. I’d rather be alone than with a critical or controlling person.

Another myth is that women have rape fantasies. Wrong. Women don’t want to get raped or imprisoned as sex slaves. That’s pornography’s lie, the brainwashing, subliminal message that women derive pleasure from pain and subservience. It’s a man-made fantasy. Patriarchy and Matriarchy are both such old, archaic systems of control. People are equal and genders are equal. Simple. No one has to dominate and subdue an oppositional group, for the world to continue spinning.

The energy of dominance exists at a low level vibration. It’s stuck in fear, scarcity and the ego trip of competition. Animals developed power dynamics for a sense of order within their groups, the alpha male and female were the leaders. But with humans, those in power seem to go crazy with it. They’re drunk on power. Prison guards exhibit this aggression often, it’s a superiority trip for those without self-esteem. Psychologists did a cruel research on this called, the Stanford Experiment. Confident people (narcissist’s aren’t confident), don’t need to dominate, they don’t crave that kind of maligned, perversion of power. True leaders are servants to the cause and people, they sacrifice themselves for the good of all, they’re not selfish tyrants.

Sadomasochism is about psychological and physical possession, humiliation and degradation. It’s marketed as frivolous, daring, humorous fun nowadays: with fake fur, fuzzy handcuffs and feather whips but I think it’s still rooted in darkness. It’s foundations are from slavery and punishment, it’s totally oppositional to love. The Marquis deSade was literally a lunatic who wrote about torturing an innocent woman, tying her up, whipping her and branding her skin and ultimately murdering her. He wrote his perverted stories by using his own excrement while he was imprisoned. He was disgusting.

Pornography specifically is programming us, desensitizing us to violence and misogyny but commercials, films and music are too. Have you seen the video for “Animals” by Maroon 5? It’s sick. The lead singer Adam Levine, portrays a serial killer. He stalks his prey and dances in room with meat hanging on hooks, he secretly breaks in and sleeps next to his victim and in the end of the video, he and his victim (portrayed by his real life wife), are kissing each other while bathed in blood!? Women don’t want to be choked Ever, especially not during sex! WTF has happened to humanity? We’ve killed our innocence. Innocence isn’t the same thing as stupidity, but we treat it that way. Innocence, aka naïveté, is the purity of spirit/goodness; it’s the inability to derive joy from harming others. Goodness and conscience aren’t corny and regular sex isn’t boring. How much terror do we need now to get sexually excited? Yuck.

Maroon 5 – Animals lyrics in images. Song Animals from V album
— Read on

Humans detached from their sense of compassion/empathy by trafficking fellow humans as slaves. We disconnected from the reality that we too are animals, it’s evident in the cruelty of factory raised and slaughtered animal slaves. That’s how we treat them, whether we rationalize that animals are less intelligent or worthy, or whatever we say that soothes our guilt and condones our continued mistreatment. White slave owners rationalized the lie of inequality towards black people, by making them sub-human. On a side note, did you know that John Podesta, (the Pizzagate molesta) allegedly worked in a slaughterhouse? He knows how to kill and dismember live pigs. That explains a lot about him. Pigs are closely reminiscent of humans, pig hearts were used in heart transplants that’s how closely related we are to them. They’re intelligent, emotional beings, I hope we stop eating them.


  1. So much for the demure, shy Adam Levine and his depiction of marital bliss in the video. I will take your word for it and make a point of not viewing it. To do otherwise would add yet another view of trash. Is this the same guy who blushes on prime time?

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    1. I never heard of him or his band until recently, but I don’t listen to music anymore, it’s gotten so strange. He looks clean-cut, all-American. I agree that watching the video is very disturbing, what’s worse is the music itself is catchy but the lyrics are horrifying. He seems like he would put up a fake shy front. He said he was inspired by AC/DC’s song about the Zodiac Killer. I don’t understand why they’re glorifying killers.


  2. The information age itself is to blame for a lot of this. Content needs to be increasingly violent, divisive, shocking, oversexed to register with the masses. And as for maroon 5, they are the absolute worst band on the planet so nothing they do would lower my opinion of them.

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  3. Another recent but sick cultural import among youth is getting a “sugar daddy” culture. Young, beautiful, successful, sponsored Russian college students aka paid actresses were portrayed in commercials. In reality, average women defying sugar daddies got raped and murdered in cold blooded manner. Even dead Kpop star like Goo Hara was trapped in a violent relationship. The ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted her resulting in multiple injuries then blackmailed her with their videotaped sexual encounters. Another hobby of crazy South Korean men were placing hidden cameras in public toilets then upload videos of their victims online.

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    1. So much insanity happening worldwide. I didn’t know those things were happening. Something shifted in people, they’re more disconnected and violent. I blame the bad influence of media (movies, music, celebrities/elite agenda). The world has become a playground/hunting ground for serial killers/pedophiles/rapists. It’s very disturbing. I feel sad for the children of this new generation.

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    1. Another very relevant topics. That’s the poor state of affairs everywhere. We have almost everyday our news papers full of brutal rapes and murder later. Little girls, old women …no one is left. And a lot as you say is coming from these absolutely incorrect display of women as animals in the name of sex! Shit it’s getting to.

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      1. Men who hate women (misogynists), are so obviously Afraid of women’s innate power. They only understand controlling/enslaving others, they can’t comprehend that true power is kindness.


  4. I am old school. Believe in meeting opposite sex in similar situations. I like face to face conversation, still today. Never been a phone person. I did wish I was a better, letter writer. I miss the days of letters. Internet, like buying a car unseen. Never know what you got. Always a pleasure to read your words and thoughts dear Judy Kim.

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    1. I agree, the important details are missing from an online ad, the person’s voice and mannerisms, chemistry needs the in person meeting. People often don’t look like their photos either. 😄Thank you, John.

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