Poem: bad romance

If life was a horror movie

he’d be the killer

monster villain vampire

eternally handsome and charming.

Prince Caspian hypnotized

by a green alluring snake

the lady of the lake

haunted him.

He was fixated on torture

and was always alarming

unnecessarily macho:

drinking, drugging and womanizing.

Alpha male quarterback and pitcher

leader rock star front man

with long wavy hair like a god.

He always had to prove his ferocity.

He was bilingual extraordinaire

Spanish horse muscular

wiry small boned lean and toned.

I was a Clydesdale in comparison


I was an Amazon in comparison.

He was a white varsity version

of Prince without the lace,

the pumps and the purple.

In heels I towered over him

but I rarely wore them.

We were a mix match

missed match

contrary lovers

like Streisand and Redford

he laughed once and compared us to them

but “The way we were

wasn’t even a good movie.

I’m glad we’re not together Steve

I’m glad you’re no longer torturing me

with your mercurial confusion.

Sometimes love leads us to our enemies

and we fall hard for them

mistaking hell for heaven.

How else can we learn

the difference?


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