1. Omg its a whole series!! I love how you are doing this, thank you! That’s a good question, where are the Asians in EVERY show? We can’t just look at the representation in like two shows. I laughed so hard watching this. Incredibly uncomfortable. On the one hand I’m glad they are not oversexualizing the shit out of us, on the other hand…where are the fucking abs that we actually have in real life?

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    1. I’m glad you thought it was funny! Search for Seoul Sister Films and they’ll be sorted together, there’s only 4 so far, but the possibilities are unfortunately endless. Some people might not think it’s an issue but when an entire race of people are barely represented, (and when they are it’s derogatory), that affects how we’re seen (or not seen!). Asians have a lot to be proud of, including great abs!

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    1. I totally agree. Kelly Marie Tran is pretty but normal, not model-thin or in glamorous clothes with her belly button exposed. I wish all the characters were normal looking too, but Hollywood wants us to idolize their designated stars, so having normal people next to them makes them shine brighter. I’m surprised Tran was even included in the latest Star Wars fiasco, at least her hair was finally fixed!

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