Seoul Sister Films: Where are the Asians? Episode Three: Top (Caucasian) Gun 2 (Mandatory Whiteness)

Yes, I’m going to watch Top Gun 2 next summer out of nostalgia (I’m guilty of liking the original film, I was a kid then, what’s your excuse? Haha!) and the actors really flew the fighter jets, I think that’s impressive. I’ll miss Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer from the new Top Gun 2 film, (but not Meg Ryan or Kenny Loggins)!

I just wish there were at least a few token Asians, you know? My brother in law (who is Korean-American) graduated from and taught at the prestigious Annapolis Naval Academy; there were a small minority of Korean-American officers there but I guess none had the “top gun connections”? Sorry to spoil the patriotic fun with my parody but I just couldn’t resist when I saw the new Top Gun 2 trailer.


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