Brave Ricky Gervais speaking the truth

I am so impressed with Ricky Gervais, I hope they don’t “suicide” him. Mr. Gervais is not conservative or a Trump supporter, he’s a liberal who believes in free speech. I think he’s a genius comedian and this monologue will be legendary. Comedians are truth tellers, the fool gets to speak the truth and gets away with it by saying, “I’m joking”. I applaud Mr. Gervais. I think his humor is a light in the darkness.


    1. He’d be awesome hosting the Oscars, but he seems like he doesn’t want to host anymore. I like how his jokes are both funny and serious. He’s getting a lot of criticism from the liberal media but getting much admiration from regular people. Thank you too, Sylvester 😄❣️

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    1. It seems that that open-minded ability to cross political divides is very rare nowadays. I used to be classically aligned with liberals but they’ve gotten so extreme with political correctness that I’m disgusted and disillusioned with them. I didn’t even know the awards show was happening, I saw his monologue on YouTube. Thanks for your comment.

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