Poem: The Me Too Woke Movement is entitled

They’re stealing our attention from real issues

I support trafficked children and women

Not pampered celebrities on casting couches

Who lived privileged lives of glamor

Were worshiped by us commoners

The sheepish peasants

We who bought their music, watched their movies, filled their pockets, groupies sucked their rockets

We the fans feed their decadent glory

Their mansions and sex on jets and yachts and private islands

Me Too is a distraction

From the real trafficked victims.

I don’t care about Gwyneth Paltrow

Or Rose McGowan.

Were they chained up and starved?

Were they kept as slaves in dungeons?

Were they desperate or were they idiots?

I’m not saying they asked for it

But they knew something was coming

They wanted fame

and played the crooked game

and now they think they’re heroes

for speaking out.

Rich people’s lives are living sprouting

soap operas

I know this but get distracted

drawn in to the meaningless gossip.

Maybe it’s all concocted

Drama Rama Ding Dong Poo

Amber Heard left a doo doo

She gave Johnny a boo boo

And allegedly pooped on his side of the bed.

Tired of Gwyneth Paltrow,

Didn’t she gloat and thank Weinstein at the Oscars ritual?

Hollywood Fake and Phoney

Plastic Surgery Amusement Park,

LaLa land that was a desert

Stolen water rechanneled.

The magicians trick is diversion

Distraction comes in all forms

Keep your attention on the truth not the norm.

Question what’s being presented

maligned, celebrated…

What’s being hidden? Why?

What’s being re-formed?

What’s the real agenda?

Who owns the owned media?

The labyrinth obstacle course

Dead ends and moving doors

and floors and walls

crossing sideways invisible forward.

Mirror light refractions blinding illusions towards.

Intuition is an inner hidden wisdom

Close your eyes and concentrate

Trust your inner knowing.

Detectives filter through truth and lies

By Following clues and proof and reason

Maybe whatever the media’s focusing on

Or celebrating should be absolutely, entirely,



  1. I agree with you these celeb women are prepared to do what it takes to get hired. They should not cry wolf using Me Too to advertise themselves to gain some recognition. Me Too was started to help those who have been caught in sex trafficking or abuse. There is always someone who will abuse such as “Me Too” to bring attention to themselves.

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    1. Yes, they join in to be pseudo heroes and steal the attention from the true victims. I’ve been sexually harassed at work when I was a younger woman but I had the sense to say in front of everyone, “This can be interpreted as Sexual Harrasment” (when our male boss started massaging my neck, he did that to only the females). My boss turned pale and immediately stopped! Haha! That’s what women have to do, expose the truth in front of everyone while it’s happening if that’s possible, and never go to a hotel “meeting” alone, day or night. It’s common sense to me.

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      1. You are right there are many things which are blatantly obvious and should be avoided at all costs. One of my employers told me he hired me because He thought I would look good sat outside his office.

        They are not heros they are trying to boost perhaps a failing career to get a following. Sad whilst as you say the real victims are living a horror story.

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  2. I was just thinking how some on
    the ‘Me Too’ bandwagon seem to
    be one time beneficiaries, and
    career minded participants, of
    the old Hollywood casting couch
    system. I know that’s where many
    a monster has lurked. Apparently
    old loveable Jimmy Durante had a
    notorious reputation for it. No doubt
    along with many others with the
    power to hire or fire in Hollywood.
    But, it appears some of the now
    complainants in the Weinstein case,
    were happy to go couch surfing with
    a creep, if it paid off. There’s an old
    fashioned word for that and it starts
    with a P … Professional 😎

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    1. Ha! 😄The oldest Profession! Now all of Hollywood says they knew Weinstein was a creep, they wear their Time’s up buttons and make long winded speeches (yawn) why didn’t they speak up before? Because they wanted the fame and money more than anything. There’s all kinds of stories about Judy Garland (and her mother!) getting molested by the MGM executives to get and keep the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It was originally offered to Shirley Temple but she wouldn’t sell out. That’s why she faded into obscurity.

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      1. So Judy was left to ride that L. A.
        Bad Ship Lollipop. Sweets are often
        used by creeps. It does take two to do the Casting Couch Tango, but
        sometimes in Hollywood it take
        three … Mother included. Just ask
        Roman Polanski (next thing Roman
        will be wearing a #Me Too button).

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      2. Yes, poor Judy got more than she wanted over the rainbow, she was pre-groomed for exploitation by having an alcoholic father, I think Shirley had a better family background. I think it was Temple and her mom who were the ones to run away from the MGM ghouls.
        Polanski! Evil incarnate! I bet he would wear a Me Too button, along with James Franco’s Time’s Up button!

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      3. Yes… rather than reflecting modern
        culture, Hollywood prefers to project
        it’s preferred future. Along with the
        recent rewrites of old classic, with a
        not so subtle agenda. What Darren
        Aronofsky did to the story of Noah
        is a prime example of Hollywood’s
        recent trend to socially engineer
        the masses into the ‘New Enlightened
        Thinking. As if we don’t get enough
        sanctimonious babble at the Oscars!

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      4. Luckily my remote has a mute button.
        I’d only watch to see Joaquin Phoenix
        get his gong. I’m sure he won’t berate
        us plebs for consuming too much
        of the planet’s resources. Which of
        courses, rightfully belongs to the rich
        and famous, as they own so much of it.

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      5. Joaquin at least has a conscience, they say that Johnny Depp is worth 400 million, how is that possible? What would happen if everyone stopped going to movies and buying their products?


      6. I think Star Wars has nostalgic appeal for most people, nothing wrong with that, I just wished there were more Asians included but oh well. I recently heard that Lucas wanted Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune to play Obi Wan or Vader, that would’ve been interesting. Not sure if that rumor is true.

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