1. Thanks, Jaya. My attention gets focused on hidden messages, maybe it was accidental but it says something about how we view females vs males. Like with figure skaters/gymnasts too, the females have revealing leotards on but the males have long sleeved leotards. It always seemed weird to me. 🙂

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  1. Oh yeah… I see that now. Never really noticed it before! I roped in my husband, who is an artist and we had a discussion about it. He said the artists/illustrators do it to accentuate the legs, to make them look longer and therefore make them look younger…

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      1. I think we’ve been convinced that female bodies are more attractive and meant to be looked at, for example, even the length of shorts is gendered: short shorts are for females, long shorts (to the knees) are for males. It’s odd to me.


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