All racial prejudice is racism, no matter how you label it (video clips and haiku)

Competing about

Who’s the worst racist asshole

Doesn’t solve problems.

Asians get attacked by all races, but it’s hardly mentioned. We’re almost never included in the battle for racial equality, it’s like our issues don’t exist. Thank you, Aba & Preach for speaking out about what racism is.

PC Woke culture says black people can’t be racist, but why does only one group get to define what racism is? Racism is everywhere and it’s wrong, period.

Please watch the whole video clip, it’s not what you might think initially, don’t jump to conclusions.


  1. Racism is another sickness which has to be eradicated. Blacks think they are the only ones who experience racism. I experience it here in Egypt because I am white and foreign. Like everywhere there are good kind people but on the whole many are not it boosts their egos to see us suffer.

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    1. Racism is everywhere, directed at people who are different from the majority. I do acknowledge that the history of slavery has generational effect and the ruling class has been racist against people of color for a very long time. But I think that people of color can be racist to other groups too, which goes against the theory that black people cant be racist. The theory supposes that since black people have been oppressed through slavery and generations of discrimination that they don’t have any institutional power and therefore can’t be racist. They say they can be discriminatory but not racist. I don’t understand why the definition of racism can be altered though. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Hate is hate in my opinion. I think there’s a difference between being a victim vs being a survivor. Victims stay in blame, Survivors acknowledge what happened but they rise above the hatred. What I’m saying is controversial but it’s my opinion. I think Asians tend to not complain or protest, they persevere silently.

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