Conspiracy theories…

Andrew Neel,

In the next consecutive posts, I’m going to publish a series of video links to conspiracy theories that I find fascinating. I see them as relevant puzzle pieces of information, that join a larger picture together. I don’t believe everything presented, but I think it’s all very possible. Some of this information is disturbing and troubling, watch with discretion.

If you find conspiracy theories offensive or hate any support of Trump (by QAnon), these clips will probably annoy you. Watch or ignore them, or unfollow me if you need to, (I hope you don’t). I’m not a Trump supporter; but I think there’s a deep state and all leaders are puppets within a system.

Take care of yourself, be in good health, everyone.


  1. Stay healthy Judy and please be safe. We try not to talk about Trump in our home because we find it is just something that upsets us so much. He truly scares me. Take good care. Love you 💕❤️😘

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  2. Without referring to any president in particular, federal employees, both civilian and military, are bound to serve all presidents. Thus, there is what I will call a non-partisan mentality, reinforced by the Hatch Act, which might surprise an inexperienced POTUS. These employees swear to protect and defend the Constitution, not the president. So, a president who expects federal employees to act as members of his base is mistaken, and will probably be disappointed. Federal workers keep this neutrality so they can serve every occupant off the White House, not just the current one. In return they enjoy certain protections which ensure the president du jour cannot take negative actions against them because, for instance, they do not wear MAGA red hats while on duty. If one equates “deep state” with independent thinking, then yes, there’s a “deep state.” However, by virtue of the oath they take, these persons may not undermine or seek to overthrow any administration. I hope this is helpful. Thanks for posting!

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