Conspiracy: #16 Alice down the rabbit hole

Lucy M,

This video clip of Johnny Depp is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard him say. People might assume he’s joking about killing his dogs and eating them, but he’s not smiling and it’s nothing to joke about. Celebrities often say they’re satanists and then pretend to be joking but there’s nothing funny about being a pedophile, cannibal or being evil.

Depp seems soft-spoken and humble but his band is called Hollywood Vampires, his club was called the Viper Room (where River Phoenix died), he seems drawn to dark energy and portrayed Hunter S Thompson who was allegedly involved in snuff films. Depp also defended and supported the West Memphis Three, satanists who tortured and killed two young boys. I still think Amber Heard faked her abuse claims but in hindsight, Depp seems demonically enslaved, just like the rest of the celebrities. Maybe there’s a rare few that aren’t involved but I think the majority are.

Do I think a rescue mission of trafficked children is currently happening? No but I wish it was. Are celebrities and elites being detained/arrested? Maybe. I hope so. Is JFK Jr still alive? That’s the hardest one for me to believe. I don’t think it makes any sense. I don’t think he faked his death. I’m still not on board with Trump but I much prefer him to Hillary Clinton any day. Life is getting so surreal: deep fakes, CGI, mannequins, faked deaths and celebrities are pedovores? Sounds like Apocalypse Now.

Is Issac Kappy alive? I think his suicide was staged, photos of his body look like a mannequin but some think he might’ve been kidnapped and punished. I hope he’s at peace, wherever he is. I liked his bravado and courageous spirit, loved the way he sang out the truth through melodic improv, no other whistleblower quite like him. RIP Issac.

I’ve also been wondering, is Epstein alive too? His dead body also looked fake, not like a mannequin but it seemed like a different person that resembled him, the nose seemed different to me. I’m not going to post those dead photos here, too gross but you can find the images online.