Conspiracy: #22 The symbolism of roses

Creepy Kevin Spacey portrays a pedophilic man in American Beauty, the audience is supposed to relate to and sympathize with him, he’s the hero of the story.

She’s obsessed with growing perfect roses, roses represent virginity, youth, blood, fertility. She’s middle-aged and wants to regain her youthfulness.

His fantasy that she’s bathing in blood, like Countess Bathory

She seems to be bleeding, dying
She looks dead in this image

He’s fantasizing about bathing in her blood, the petals fall on him like droplets of blood

Madonna’s dress has flower petals, she’s surrounded by raining flowers, she walks on water and sings, ” I got you under my skin”

Madonna at age 61? Plastic surgery can’t make her look this young. She complains that she’s almost out of roses, and mentions that she might be able to get more from a florist. Sounds like code to me.

Madonna shares a video in her bathtub scaring the rest of the Internet

Madonna devouring pasta, pasta is also code. In her covid 19 fried fish video she says she’s out of pasta but has fried fish.

Madonna as Madame X, with her Illuminati eye patch

Searching for images of Bathory, I noticed there are many fans that created various cutesy artwork of her bathing in blood. What’s wrong with our society?

Gaga is the poster child for bathing in blood, she allegedly left a bathtub full of blood at her hotel.
Notice the red and white roses that she gives to the queen? Very Alice in Wonderland, is everyone dressed in satanic black and red?