Conspiracy: #30 the Cannibal Club

The Illuminati triangle, and black and red set has an ominous occult tone.
A scene that’s similar to Abramovich’s spirit cooking and the Rothchild’s costume parties.
Greenaway has the guests mirror the painting, interesting.

I remember seeing the Peter Greenaway film, The Cook , the thief, his wife and her lover, it was shocking but I accepted it as an avante garde, independent film, not a reality. I was very naive then, very indoctrinated to accept violence/shock within films. The cannibalism theme is resurfacing again with a vengeance. Why are films so grotesque these days? I haven’t seen the films below and don’t want to, they all share the theme of cannibalism.

If this is art, what is it’s message? The illusion of decapitated heads and naked bodies on platters during a dinner service celebrates cannibalism not art. I used to like Debbie Harry, now she seems demonic.

Children attend this? This looks like real blood not fake. Here’s Hugh Jackman smiling like a serial killer.

David LaChapelle’s artwork is so deeply creepy.

I’ve been a pescatarian since childhood, I was the only one that disliked the taste of meat in my family. My mother repeatedly tried to force me to eat red meat (she had good intentions) but I couldn’t eat it without vomiting. I was a sensitive child, I could feel the similarity between my flesh and bones with the dead creature on my plate, the muscles, fat, veins; felt like mine. Chewing on a chicken leg was like chewing on my own body, the cartilage and fried skin peeled open sickened me. My family never understood my aversion. Even now seeing the dead carcasses of hanging meat at Whole Foods creeps me out, but no one else seems to be bothered by it.

We’re all creatures that feel pain and joy, and I’ve decided that I don’t want to eat living creatures anymore, (which includes seafood). I think it’s hypocritical of me to have aquariums while still eating seafood. I love to see the silly guppies swimming around, they have consciousness and uniqueness, as all living creatures do, studies have shown that plants also respond to kindness and harmonious music with vibrant growth while hatred and violent music caused deterioration. I think vegetarians tend to be sensitive people, and I also believe that when you stop eating meat your empathy and psychic intuition grows, it’s been my observation and direct experience. I think being vegetarian can help both our environment and our souls.