David Rodriguez interview with Edge of Wonder

I’m not Christian but I can still appreciate David Rodriguez’s perspective. I see God as goodness. Good and evil exist in this world, and I think life is about making choices, (choosing good vs evil, regardless of the circumstances). I’m not a hero, not perfect, but that’s not a requirement. I know that I’m from love, and I believe that when my body dies my soul will return to the source of creation, which I believe is unconditional love = god.

David sounds Buddhist, what a Bodhisattva is to me, not just in this quote but during the entire interview he shows concern for the evil doers, saying they need prayer/help to get out of their demonic energy vibration. He thinks they can change and be forgiven. I often think only of punishment as justice for evil actions but a Bodhisattva has compassion even for the psychopaths. Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

When fighting with demons it’s important to not become a demon in the process. It’s important for healers and empathic people to not match the negative energy. Negative actions can’t defeat evil because it engages the same energy and expands it. I want to choose the higher ground, rise above the fear and insanity.