Conspiracy: #36 Suicided

I think I write about and revisit this tragic story because it has a haunting energy, like an avenging ghost. Until this mystery is resolved, I feel compelled to return to it like an elephant mourning over dead bones. Were Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell suicided? The coincidence of celebrity suicides (especially by hanging), is a very suspicious, recently prevalent trend.

What is celebrity and fame? Is it earned or handed down like an inheritance? I used to think fame was earned through talent, discipline and luck. Now I think it’s more of a factory system of pre-fabricated persona and curated style, managed by a thousand hands. Underneath the glamorous shell are often insecure, narcissistic, drug-addled, ego-driven people. How many yachts will satisfy—how much is enough for them?

The lyrics of the song, Hunger strike (written by Chris Cornell) seem to be about poverty and human trafficking,

“Well I don’t mind stealing bread

From the mouths of decadents

But I can’t feed on the powerless

When my cup’s already overfilled

But it’s on the table

The fire’s cooking

And they’re farming babies

The slaves are all working

Blood is on the table

The mouths are all choking

But I’m goin’ hungry”

“300,000 children in the U.S. are at risk every year for commercial sexual exploitation. – U.S. Department of Justice 600,000 – 800,000 people are bought and sold across international borders each year; 50% are children, most are female. The majority of these victims are forced into the commercial sex trade. (Source: U.S. Department of State, Trafficking in Persons Report, Washington, D.C.)” Cornell and a Bennington were both involved in this project before they died.

This is not fake news, I think the deaths of Cornell and Bennington are part of the Pizzagate cover up, (contrary to MSM’s narrative, it was never debunked). Were Cornell and a Bennington trying to release Jeffrey Epstein’s black book of pedophile clients, is that why they were silenced? Both were in very successful careers, they had everything to live for. It doesn’t make sense that they took their own lives.

Cornell died right after a Soundgarden performance. He strangely had a noticeably bloody head wound onstage. His bodyguard said he kicked in the hotel door where he was staying and discovered him hanging by a red exercise cord. Several of his ribs were broken and blood was splattered on the walls, (which is not consistent with a suicide by hanging, it seemed more like a strangulation death). Ribs can be broken during CPR but usually it’s only a few ribs, Cornell had an excessive amount of broken ribs, as if he was fighting for his life.

Bennington was also doing well financially, he even bought a new house just two months before his death. Both he and Cornell had dependent children and a hopeful future. Both admittedly experienced depression but most people live with it without resorting to suicide. The autopsy showed that they had no drugs in their system. Their deaths were eerily nearly identical, Bennington even died on Cornell’s birthday.

Conspiracy theorists think that Linkin Park was an alternative spelling of Lincoln Park, a military base in Canada which was allegedly used for MK Ultra, but the band had a less meaningful explanation. “…it was Bennington who thought of naming the band in honor of Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park, which had become mostly known for its homeless encampment and problems with drugs.” . The Linkin Park logo looks like a pedophile triangle that’s either been altered or broken. I want to believe that Bennington wasn’t involved in any trafficking or corruption, but their logo is disturbing, was it subliminally remembered? I say this because I innocently drew spirals in my artwork before knowing what it meant, symbols can be accidental or subliminally influenced by films, music and media. Chester Bennington never named his abuser, he said it was a friend of the family, a male who was a few years older than him, that sexually abused him when he was a child for several years. The irony is that Chester’s father was a police officer who specialized in child abuse cases. He divorced Chester’s mother allegedly because of infidelity. Did she have an affair with John Podesta, the alleged biological father? There’s a horrific video clip online of Skippy (a nickname for Podesta), he’s abusing a young boy, making him stand in a shower under hot water. I can’t watch this video and I don’t recommend that you view or listen to it either. It’s a nightmarish torture captured on video, the child’s pleading screams are hard to forget. The abusive adult male voice sounds like an exact match to other samples of John Podesta’s nasally accented voice and I can’t help but imagine that the abused child was Chester Bennington.

Linkin Park was sponsored by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, (where Laura Silsby was caught kidnapping/trafficking 33 Haitian children, who weren’t orphans). The Clintons helped to get her released from prison, (even her lawyer was a convicted pedophile). After this scandal she was still hired to work with Amber alert, the child kidnapping alerting system.
I think the resemblance is unmistakable, the head shape, prominent nose, thin lips, the shape of the eyes, even the laugh lines match.

“The owner of this property is Cemex Construction Materials South, LLC, a building materials company. And-a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative.CEMEX received a $7 million contract from the Clinton Global Initiative to build houses in Haiti during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State in 2012, nearly two and half years after the quake…According to federal lobbying disclosures, Cemex donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.” Haiti is a hotbed of child trafficking and a magnet for Clinton Foundation corruption. Are they connected?” The video from has a very credible example of an underground child trafficking encampment. There were child-sized tunnels and restraints on trees, (which are called rape trees).

Here’s a disturbing recent local news story about 5 children who were rescued, (varying in ages from toddler to teenagers). They were kept in the back of a truck. People noticed their cries and reported the truck to police, it seems child trafficking related,

“What is true is that Jeffrey Epstein had supported the Clinton Foundation financially. This was not made public until 2014 when a whistle-blower released the names of the super-rich, including Epstein, who had Swiss accounts at the HSBC bank. From the whistle-blower’s data, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists documented $81 million being routed from HSBC Swiss accounts to The Clinton Foundation, including $25,000 from Epstein in 2006 .”
The infamous portrait of Bill Clinton in drag, found in Epstein’s residence. Hilary’s blue dress and the (pedovore) red shoes seem to have double layers of meaning.
The red scarf/doorknob suicides seem like a serial killer’s calling card, not coincidences. Kate Spade, Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain are a few of the long list of celebrity victims. Bourdain was an ex-heroin addict, I think he would’ve overdosed not hung himself if he wanted to die.


  1. This seems to happen quite a bit.

    Pedophiles running child rescue services.

    There was an adult movie star in Argentina named Natasha Jaitt who claimed the head of Argentina’s biggest child rescue agency (who happens to be a good personal friend of Pope Francis) was in fact a child trafficker himself.

    Two weeks before she was to testify in court, she was found dead of a drug overdose (even though her brother said she had given up drugs years before).

    The pattern seems to be the same all over the world.

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    1. Totally, I think it’s so ironically evil that Child Protective Services, orphanages, Boy Scouts, Churches, Schools etc are perhaps the outlets for trafficking. It all seems interconnected and international. I think sex trafficking/pedophilia is connected with drug/weapons smuggling. One big corrupt system.

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